Tuesday, February 15, 2011

The excitement of not having to shovel or wear winter boots this season coupled with the willingness to draw more. The hard truth is my drawing hand is really rusty. Luckily my studio roommates Chris, Tapan, Jules and Wayne are inspiring me immensely. And soon we'll all be leaving...sad face.

What else inspires me? Alexander Wang runway shows. This is one of the pieces that walked the runway.

*drawn on my work Cintiq. 25 minutes.


Chris Darnbrough said...

Really "like" this man :) cindy crawford is hot haha
make sure you post those other hidden gems you got too, for the world to see!

Eduardo Avenir II said...

Chris you joker, thanks man, and I did post up those other 'hidden gems', just fastforward to the next blog post.

Trevor Spencer said...

BEAutiful my friend! you really do have to teach me how to draw sexy ladies :)

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