Monday, August 10, 2009

Zoo Sketches

I realized right after visiting 'Stingray Bay' we ate all-u-can-eat sushi, connection?
Sketches are in order of when I drew them, last sketch being the last of the day (therefore my hand warmed up a tad by then).
Who else wants to go to the zoo before summer ends? (and you know, molest more stingrays? One high fived me =0).


Amanda said...

Oh wow, these are great!
I'm so jealous :p
I especially like your kumodo dragon guy.

Definitely will go again, I didn't get too many good ones this time around :p

Boris M. said...

Yeah, I'm jealous too. I like your last elephant there.

Evan Bonifacio said...

Ya dude, Ur komodos and Elephants are kick ass. :)

Conteart said...

I Edify you. (nice stuff ed) :D

Draw Monkey said...

Sweet sketches dude. Nice shapes.

What are the chances you're in Ottawa for the 29th? I know there's a big convention going on that day but I had planned to do my sci-fi/nerd day that day. So it's up to you. Big, multi-however much money event? Or Ren's place? I know it's a tough choice so I'll let you ponder on that one.

michael robertson said...

beautiful sketches-love the animation in your banner,too!

Lim said...

Me! Me! I go to the zoo every Thursday until I go back to Oakville!

Wow, these are too good Ed! >_<

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