Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Art Stalling

Check these artists out! I work with them at Sixpoint Harness. They are super.

Jose Garibaldi - http://www.josegaribaldi.com/
Carl Beu - http://demonhand.blogspot.com/
Angelo Vilar - http://ansirone.blogspot.com/
Wayne B. Medina - http://waynebmedina.blogspot.com/
Arthur Loftis - http://aloftisportfolio.wordpress.com/
Ivan Aguirre - http://ivanaguirreart.blogspot.com/
Mike Mccraw - http://www.mikethewolf.com/
Adam Rosette - http://www.adamrosette.com/
Raf Hurtado - http://rafahur65.blogspot.com/
Mike Nassar - http://mikenassar.blogspot.com/
Brockorama - http://brockorama.blogspot.com/
Chris Darnbrough - http://darnbrough.blogspot.com/
Andrea Fernandez - http://drawdoll.blogspot.com/
Trevor Spencer - http://trevorspencer.blogspot.com/

and last but NOT least Sah T - http://thesmokingpencil.blogspot.com/


Trevor Spencer said...

Thanks Buddy :)

Mario Richard said...

Hey Ed!

Yeah man, going to CTN for sure.

Are you setting up a table again?

haha thanks, I'll try and do some paintings just for you ;)

Ayumi Sophia said...

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