Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Good God it's June!

Time to get this blog rolling again, even if it is just with random doodles.

Did anyone catch Zach Morris on Jimmy Fallon?! I sure didnt, I found out about it on youtube. I can't stand Fallon, always stealing focus with his trademark 'breaking character' facial grins.
But other than Fallon, the interview is a heap of nostalgic awesome! Zach's trademark flippery hair, retro clothes (the oversized shirts and tight jeans), ten pound cell phone and eyebrow-heavy expressions make me realize how old I feel seeing as how I used to watch this when I was 10 >_> Yet he looks like he hasnt aged at all! Granted he does look like he's caking on the makeup here.

1st page of sketches are from the interview, 2nd page of sketches are just some random people I drew.


Tapan Gandhi said...

zack attack!! i just watched it on youtube. pretty funny.

i love the second page. ur line is so fluid

Rynox said...

Tiger uppercut.

EL Gato Negro said...

excellent sketches, love the expression !!

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