Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Medieval Zoo

I've had this idea to do a zoo set in the middle ages for a while. I wrote down a couple of mythical animals that I would like to flesh out and the first two are the Naga and Griffin. A Naga comes from Buddhist (and Hindu?)lore and is a snake-like creature that can have multiple heads. And a Griffin is a creature with an eagle's head and lion's body.

I put the pictures in the order I drew them, I started warming up my drawing hand and becoming more creative (at least I think) nearer to the end.

Drawing beaks is fun!


Draw Monkey said...

Nice. Cool rough stuff. I like the idea of the middle age zoo. Very cool indeed.

Mario Richard said...

Man! Ed, you draw very nicely, you have such a confident line. Glad your posting, very inpiring.

Eve said...

i Looove it.. all of it.. your posts are quite refreshing..:) keep em' coming!

Tapan Gandhi said...

very cool idea! i love the griffins and the snakes you drew are just crazy!

can't wait to see more from this idea

Amanda said...

As already stated, mythical creature zoo = really cool 8)

Glad to see you're finally drawing some more :p haha, joking :D

Abbey said...

Nice Ed! I love these! It's great to see some of your stuff again. I miss it haha. I love those Griffins especially. They've got a buzzard/eagle/flamingo satan spawn thing going on somehow.

Things are hot here too. I forgot how tropical NYC could be in the summer. It's brutal. I need a scuba tank to breath properly. How are you? Still in Ottawa?

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