Saturday, March 20, 2010

The one with the reel....

First off, I've updated my online portfolio, everything except the resume which should include my last gig at Cuppa Coffee animation for the first season of 'Ugly Americans'...ah good laughs. I miss my seating area. I watched the premiere on comedy central, THEY CHANGED THE VOICE OF THE GREAT BRAIN!!! What?! He was my favourite voice actor from that show too!

Secondly, I put together a traditional animation reel featuring select scenes from 'The Lion's Den', my final year film at Sheridan. I haven't done any hand drawn animation scenes since this film =/ Wow that was 2 years ago.

I hope people find the roughs-final comparisons interesting.

Traditional Animation Reel Spring 2010 from Eduardo Avenir II on Vimeo.


Chanp said...

nice, awesome reel man, accompanied with awesome music!

Amanda said...


My favorite part of all your animation is when the kid pick up the remote with his mouth and then walks off, it's really cute.

I'm glad you've finally gotten around to sending animation from your film out ;)

anez said...

Awesome as always, seeing this makes me want to make a film again! How we missed 2D =_=

Mario Richard said...

Nice animation! Where's the music from? I heard it before, from the Wii?

Kevin Y. Wong said...

Love it, Ed!

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