Sunday, May 09, 2010

The one with random sketches for May

I don't like posting random doodles on my blog. In fact, I hate the word doodle. Buuut I'd rather my blog not get deleted because of possible inactivity. Just some sketches of attractive young go-getters that forego eating to become perfect clothes hangers (models?). The drawings are numbered in the order of when I drew them. I like to see if there's an improvement in my sketching during a session. You be the judge.

I spend the morning and afternoon warming up my drawing arm and it finally starts to kick in and produce drawings I like an hour before I'm to sleep. Lame.

Hope you enjoy.


LeMark said...

these are beautiful Ed!!!!! im lovin' it, the design, the style, the whole thing!!!

Lettie Lo said...

ed woahh slow down

Chanp said...

nicee awesome lines

Eduardo Avenir II said...

thanks guysss! you know all three of you are crazy talented!

Jordan Lamarre-Wan said...

these are sick!!!

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